Here is a suggested list of things to bring when you come sailing:

As the British weather is unpredictable, you need to be prepared for a variety of conditions in both winter and summer. A layered approach to clothing works best so that you can easily increase or decrease your thermal protection as required. Stowage is always limited on a boat, and we therefore advise you to travel lightly and use a soft or collapsible bag. You can use the list below as a reminder and tick off items as they are packed.

  • Glasses if you need them & sunglasses (with cord or strap)
  • Footwear (soft soled, non marking i.e. not black)
  • Gloves (fingerless sailing gloves and warmer ones too)
  • Headgear (sun hat with cord or strap or warm fleece hat depending on conditions)
  • Jacket (anorak or wind-proof)
  • Fleece or jumper (fleece stays warm even when wet, wool is much less effective)
  • Trousers and/or shorts. Jeans are not recommended as they take a long time to dry
  • Shirts (long sleeved, rugby/polo shirts or T-shirts)
  • Underwear & socks (thermals if you have them)
  • Toiletries & medicines (let the skipper know if there is anything you take regularly)
  • Towels
  • Bedding (sleeping bag, we provide pillows)
  • Sun protection in the summer
  • Sweets etc (note that smoking is not allowed inside)
  • Swimwear in summer (if you are feeling brave)
  • Camera (we have binoculars on board)
  • Sea sick tablets if you think you may need them
  • Wet weather gear if you have it (we also have some to hire at £5 for a weekend)
  • Casual clothes to wear ashore

RYA logbook if you are working towards any RYA qualifications (you can get them from a local chandlery)

We provide lifejackets and harnesses for all persons on board.

If food is included in the charter, please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.

Although boats are fully insured, please arrange your own travel insurance to cover you in the event of accident, illness or other forced cancellation.

If you are attending a charter-a-berth cruise, remember that life on board a yacht is communal and in addition to your deck duties of helming, winching, reefing and acting as look out, you will also be asked to take turns at cooking, washing up, and cleaning.

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