Entering your team in an event organised with Solent Sail is both motivating and enjoyable. Team building is an important part of any company’s culture and if carried out correctly, is a great way to raise morale and increase efficient productivity. For a fresh, professional, fun approach why not consider the options that we can offer you here at Solent Sail.

Team building in progress

By reading this page, you have taken the first step in understanding that team development and relationship building in the work place can be extremely rewarding and beneficial on a number of levels.

When booking, we take the time to listen to and understand the specific goals that you would like the day to achieve. Depending on this, we can offer different options to suit your specific requirements; targeting directly any weak areas that you wish to build on. Some of the common areas of development include:

  • A new team that has only just started working together.

  • A new department that has been created from several other departments.

  • A team that has been working for a lengthy time together but requires new drive and ambition.

  • A militant work force.

  • A change of management

Getting wet?

Sailing can be a very effective tool for team development. For most people, a yacht is a foreign environment where every member of the team is on an equal footing. This allows them to show their true personality, unencumbered by office politics. Even individuals with some sailing experience, can be put in situations where things are new such as on bigger yachts or through using spinnakers.

We can offer much more than j

ust a sail across to the Isle of Wight, a nice dinner and a bit of a race back. We like to build an ongoing relationship with your company and its staff, perhaps through the introduction of a staff sailing club to keep the team building momentum going out-of-hours and at the individual’s expense. This has worked successfully with some household name companies that already use our services. Of course we can just do the basic package as well if that’s all you require.

All of our development days include a professional skipper and a team facilitator which at the end of the day will give you a conclusion and thought provoking assessment for you to take back with you into the work place.

We offer team development for groups as small as 4 or as large as 350.

Please contact a member of our team to talk through your requirements.


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