Yacht positioning services

Solent Sail offer some exciting services for yacht owners and charter clients alike – yacht positioning, one-way sailing and remote cruising.

If you usually sail in the Solent, great as it is, sometimes you may like to try a new cruising ground. To the West, there are some beautiful harbours and anchorages culminating in the fabulous crystal clear waters of the Scilly Isles. To the east, the inland seas and canals of Holland are a sailors dream – sheltered inland lakes, accessible to a yacht with her mast up! You may not even set your sights so far, and just fancy going West to Weymouth or East to Brighton without having to rush back or set aside time at the start or end of your weekend or holiday to return your boat from its cruise. This can be further aggravated by the risk of bad weather leading to delays and the possibility of having to leave the boat altogether.

Now Solent Sail have the answers:

One-way sailing

Our one-way charter sailing deal means that you only pay for the yacht for the period of charter – weekend, week or longer, and at the end of it you don’t have to return the boat! That doesn’t mean you get to keep it of course, but instead you agree a destination port in advance and when you get there you secure the yacht and leave her for one of our skippers to collect and return. If your car has the appropriate insurance, we will even drive it to your destination port so that you can then drive home without having to worry about public transport. The cost is only the basic charter fee, plus the yacht re-positioning fee. Just to clarify, you don’t pay charter fees for the yacht whilst we are returning it to its home base.

If you have your own boat, exactly the same service is available and you only pay for the yacht return.

Remote cruising

Similar to the one-way sailing, but this time you start and finish your cruise in a new place. Let us know where you want to go and we’ll move your boat for you. As you would expect, we use a team of professional skippers to take care of the yacht for you. Between them, our skippers have first-hand experience of just about every port in the Channel, so you’ll get free advice on where to go, where to stay and what to see.


And also under this heading we should include delivery. If you want your own boat moved, we have a number of professional skippers and crew that will take care of it for you. We ask that the boat is in sea worthy condition and has some basic safety equipment (a liferaft for example), in return our skipper will keep it clean and in good condition for you, delivering it as quickly as they can (often non-stop) subject to the constrains of the weather and the tides.

Interested? Call us on 08443 573673 for a free quote.

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